Shipping Tires: Three Material Handling Products That Make Your Job Easier

Rubber tires and the wheel hubs they cling to have been as important to human transportation and commerce since the invention of the wheel itself. The only problem is that tires and wheels tend to be heavy, bulky and not easy to move. You know this already from working in a plant that produces these products. Unless you are Mr. Universe, you cannot pick up and move more than one or two tires at a time. To get them to move faster and in larger quantities, you need the following material handling products.

Steel Shelving on Casters

This particular product not only works well to store all of the tires and wheels your company produces, but also it doubles as a product transportation unit. You can send new products out to tire and wheel shops, and then they send used and spent tires and wheels back to you for recycling on the same rolling racks. Inside the plant, they are easy to wheel across the floor and into a warehouse or onto the loading docks to fulfill shipment orders. You can clearly see how much product is going out and take inventory as it sits on the shelving.

Conveyor Belts

Nothing speeds up production like a good old conveyor belt. Even though you already have this product in your plant, advancements in efficiency and work flow control may make you want to update what you have. Your employees can examine each tire and wheel as they go by for defects and pull them before they get to the end of the line.

Rolling Dump Bins

Regardless of what you use these for, they make short work of collecting large quantities of product and placing them where they are supposed to go. You can use them for faulty product removal, recycling old tires as they come in off the trucks, or for storing excess product when you do not have enough steel shelving on casters to sort, organize and store what comes off the line.

Looking for More

Sometimes these products are not quite what you need. When you are looking for more than just these three material handling products for your plant, manufacturers of industrial containers and plant aids will have something that fits with your needs and expectations. There are even a few manufacturers that will custom-make material handling products if you cannot find what you are looking for or if the products you were using are no longer on the market.

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