Tire Maintenance: A Simple Guide To Prolong The Life Of Your Tires

Your tires, especially good tires, are meant to last for about 25,000 to 50,000 miles. But, you can extend that by almost 50 percent. All you have to do is take care of your tires just a little more.

The Importance Of Your Tires

Hopefully, you have not experienced a tire blowout as you are driving. And, if you have, you understand how dangerous a blowout can be. Blowouts, skids, and loss of your vehicle control are associated with bad tires. And a recent study found that bad tires may contribute to automobile accidents.

Simple Driving Tips To Preserve Your Tires

Consider the following tire-wise tips:

  • Remember that high speeds increase heat, which will deteriorate the tread of your tires. So, stay at the speed limit when you drive.
  • Burning rubber, as cool as it may sound, will also deteriorate your tire treads. So, avoid speeding off.
  • Gently press on your brakes. Abrupt stops will burn your tire treads due to the excess friction and your braking system pressing on the tire.
  • Talk to your tire specialist to find out what your tire-load capacity is, or check your vehicle's manual. Overloading adds pressure to your tires, making them lose tread.
  • Avoid parking your vehicle too close to the curb, as you might end up pressing the sidewall of your tires on the curb. This will add too much pressure to your tires.

Do Not Forget Tire Maintenance

Ensure that your tire specialist performs the following regular maintenance.

  1. Perform a tire rotation as indicated by your owner's manual. Tire rotation helps even out the wear on tires. This is important because the front tires receive most of the wear because they carry the turning pressure. And rotating your tires helps alleviate the front tires, which helps extend the life of all your tires together.
  2. Be sure that your tires are properly inflated.
  3. Check for tread wear. You want your tire tread deep and not bald. You can do this on your own.
  4. All those bumps on the road will misalign your tires at some point. This will cause unnecessary pressure on one side of your tires, which will cause uneven tread-wear.
  5. Look for cracks on the sidewall, which could mean that your tire is in danger of a blow out.

Taking care of your tires doesn't take special skill, just a little knowledge and the helpful advice of your tire specialist. Contact a local tire company, such as Action Al's Tire Company.