Art On Rims: 3 Wheel Upgrades To Add Color To Your Ride

If you've always wanted to drive rainbow wheels, you're living at the right time. Take off those boring factory tires and wheel covers, and put some color on the road with a combination of these 3 artistic upgrades:

New-hued alloy wheels

Strip your car's wheels down and go for a brand new set of performance rims to provide a base of color. To get the maximum performance upgrade, order lightweight alloy wheels if you normally drive only on relatively smooth streets and highways. If you live where there are a lot of rough roads and potholes, steel rims are a sturdier choice.

The alloy rims are offered in more widths, colors, and styles, but steel rims aren't just fuddy-duddies either. There are gleaming chrome steel rims and stylish steel rims in carbon gray. Standard rims can be coated in any color of the rainbow using durable, roadworthy paints. You tire store may offer this service or will hook you up with an auto painting professional.

Colored arch protectors

Once you've got your base of color with new rims installed, protect the vital guts of the tire with arch protectors. Arch protectors look like giant rolls of bubblegum tape. These coiled discs are placed over the rim but under the wheel covers.

Available in a spectrum of colors, the vibrant hues peek through the covers to give your tires a polished, solid look. Their alloy composition keeps debris and flying objects from damaging your rims.

You can order arch protectors in the same color as your car for one effect. Order them in the same color as your rims and wheel covers for a different look. To get a rainbow effect, have rims, arch protectors and wheel covers in 3 different colors on each wheel. With 4 tires, that gives you 12 different color choices.

Multiple choices in wheel covers

Wheel covers come in minimalist styles, flashier styles, and pure bling material. Some are matte carbon black with colored accents while others are simple chrome stars that barely cover the lug nuts.

Wheel covers are available in the primary colors of red, white and yellow, and can be custom-ordered in nearly any other shade. Special edition wheel covers are made available from time-to-time for specific models of vehicles.

If you really want to go full Michelangelo, order some artsy colored tires to put on those new fancy wheels. Imagine pink rims, mint green arch protectors, pale yellow wheel covers, and baby blue tires. The possibilities are endless.

Your local wheel balancing professionals are the best source of custom after-market wheel products and advice on the safest and most stylish upgrades for your vehicle. One company you might consider contacting for this service is Henry's Tire.