All About Wheel and Tire Care and Purchasing

Art On Rims: 3 Wheel Upgrades To Add Color To Your Ride

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If you’ve always wanted to drive rainbow wheels, you’re living at the right time. Take off those boring factory tires and wheel covers, and put some color on the road with a combination of these 3 artistic upgrades: New-hued alloy wheels Strip your car’s wheels down and go for a brand new set of performance rims to provide a base of color. To get the maximum performance upgrade, order lightweight alloy wheels if you normally drive only on relatively smooth streets and highways. If you live where there are a lot of rough...

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Inspecting Used Tires For Safety: What To Look For When Buying Used Tires

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Used tires are not only more affordable, but they can also be far more convenient to purchase than brand new tires. This is especially true in cases when you only need to replace one of your existing tires. However, if you are not careful, you could find yourself dealing with some serious safety issues not long after putting a used tire on your car. This is because not all of the used tires you will find at local tire yards are safe for use. Thankfully, the tips outlined below can help you to find the very best used tires a local supplier...

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Tire Maintenance: A Simple Guide To Prolong The Life Of Your Tires

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Your tires, especially good tires, are meant to last for about 25,000 to 50,000 miles. But, you can extend that by almost 50 percent. All you have to do is take care of your tires just a little more. The Importance Of Your Tires Hopefully, you have not experienced a tire blowout as you are driving. And, if you have, you understand how dangerous a blowout can be. Blowouts, skids, and loss of your vehicle control are associated with bad tires. And a recent study found that bad tires may contribute to automobile accidents. Simple Driving Tips To...

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3 Bad Habits That Can Ruin Tires

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Tires are something that many car owners spend little time thinking about. And why should they? As long as their tires are in working order, many drivers feel that there is no need to spend time on maintaining them. However, tires are a big player in the safety of any car. Driving on poorly maintained tires can lead to accidents and can seriously damage a car. There are 3 bad habits in particular that can lead to tire failure and other car troubles. Not Checking The Air Pressure One of the biggest mistakes that many car owners make is not...

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Useful Steps When Renovating Your Older Car

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If you have an old car, you might get the itch to renovate it. This process can go smoothly when you take these steps: Purchase Parts at an Auto Salvage Yard If you are looking for affordable parts for your older car, the best place to get them is at an auto salvage yard. These parts are used, so they are not going to cost as much. You also have a lot of parts to choose from, whether you are looking to enhance your car’s engine, transmission or interior. In terms of the engine, you might consider investing in a cool air intake system....

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Shipping Tires: Three Material Handling Products That Make Your Job Easier

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Rubber tires and the wheel hubs they cling to have been as important to human transportation and commerce since the invention of the wheel itself. The only problem is that tires and wheels tend to be heavy, bulky and not easy to move. You know this already from working in a plant that produces these products. Unless you are Mr. Universe, you cannot pick up and move more than one or two tires at a time. To get them to move faster and in larger quantities, you need the following material handling products. Steel Shelving on Casters This...

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3 Auto Repair And Preventative Maintenance Tips

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When it comes to automobiles, most incidents that require repair are completely preventable with a little bit of maintenance. For instance, 10 percent of calls for roadside emergency with automobiles are due to flat tires, which are typically avoidable with tire maintenance. Other common issues for vehicle break downs include overheated engines and filed transmissions. If you want to figure out how to avoid some of these preventable vehicle woes, consider the following tips for car maintenance.  #1: Use The Penny Test For Your Tires And...

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