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Three Things To Consider When Purchasing Rims For The First Time

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If you are in the market for new rims for your car, it is important to know what to expect if you have never purchased rims before. There are many people who do not realize that they cannot put any rims they want on their car. Use the guide below to learn how to order rims for your car quickly and easily online. Look at the Tires on Your Car The first thing you need to do before purchasing a set of rims for your car is to know the bolt pattern for your tire. You need to know how many bolts are used to hold the tire to the vehicle. Four or five bolts in a bolt pattern are the most common bolt patterns. Know the Size of the Rims Next, you need to go out to your car and use a measuring tape to measure the size of the rims currently on your vehicle. In order to measure the size of the rims, you need to measure from one side of the rim to the other in inches. Remember to take into account that the tires you will add to your car will add an inch to a few inches to the diameter of your wheels, depending on which tires you choose. If you have gaps on either side of the tire that are two to three inches in size, you could stand to go a little bit larger on your rim size because you have enough space to be able to still have your tires turn freely with the larger size. Choose the Design of the Rims Next, you need to choose a great design for the rims. Rims are available with really unique looks to them. You can even choose colored or illuminated rims if you want. It is best to take the time to choose rims that will complement the overall look of your car. You may need to print off pictures of the rims you are considering, cut them out, and lay them on a picture of your car to determine if you actually like the look of them with your car. Once you have considered all of this information, you will be ready to purchase your rims. Remember that rims do not come with tires. You have to buy them separately and pay to have them installed. Be sure that you take the cost of the tires and installation into account when purchasing the rims to ensure that you can afford all of the elements necessary to be able to use them as soon as possible. Contact a tire company to look at rims, buy varrstoen wheels online, and access other similar...

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3 Tips To Help Prolong The Life Of Your Vehicle’s Tires

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Your tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle and yet, if you’re like many people, you may not worry as much about tire maintenance as you would about, say, making sure the engine oil gets changed on time. But failing to perform regular maintenance tasks on your tires can significantly decrease their lifespan, eventually leading to a full replacement that can be just as costly as some other repairs. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind if you want to prolong the life of your vehicle’s tires. Check Tire Inflation Often You know that air pump at the local gas station that you always drive right by on your way to get gas? It’s time to start taking an extra few minutes every other trip to the station to make sure your tires are properly inflated. Your vehicle’s manual guide should have information on what the “correct” amount of air pressure is inside the tires. It may be a good idea to keep a glovebox tire gauge inside your car so that you can check your tires whenever needed. Tires that are not inflated properly develop extra wear and affect the car’s overall performance as well. Get a Regular Alignment and Balance Check Up Correct alignment isn’t just important to your tires, it’s also important for the other driveline components in your car or truck. Tires that have become out of alignment or unbalanced will accumulate wear and tear much faster one one side of the tire than on the other. Proper alignment will help ensure more even wear across the entire tread. Make it a point to have the mechanic check your car’s alignment and balance at each oil change. Regular Rotation Can Extend Tire Life One more thing you should have the mechanic do, if not at every oil change, then perhaps at every other one, is to rotate all four tires. Even if the tires are properly aligned, the weight distribution of your vehicle can vary from the front to the back. Rotating the tires will help ensure more even wear across the board. If you want to extend the life of your vehicle’s tires, you need to start paying closer attention to things like the tires’ inflation, alignment and balance. Get into the habit of regularly inspecting the air in your tires and asking a mechanic to perform a regular alignment check and tire rotation. If you are starting to notice issues with the tread or other areas, contact a company like Evans Tire & Service...

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3 Tips For Getting Your Tires Replaced

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Any time that you are looking to get your car outfitted with wonderful tires that will be useful to you, make sure that you follow some tips that will be useful. You need to address some concerns so that you are able to save money, buy the best tires and keep your vehicle well maintained. Follow along with these tips below so that you are able to make the most out of your vehicle for as long as you are driving it.  Tip #1: Make Sure That You Purchase The Size Required For Your Specific Vehicle Every vehicle has a specific size tire intended to give it the best performance, tread and gas mileage. Because of this, you need to check on the exact size of your tire, which is outlined in your vehicle manual and usually on the side panel near the driver’s side floor. These tire sizes will be laid out in a code, such as P264/70R14. Get this exact code, rather than just estimating your tire size, so you don’t make any mistake in this regard.  Tip #2: Get Some Other Things Done For A Seamless Transition To Your New Tires Any time that you are getting a tire changed, you should prepare your entire vehicle for it by getting some other work done. For instance, you should get an alignment, specifically patterned with computerized specifications. You should also have your brakes and suspension inspected and check your oil. Doing this will allow your vehicle to perform at its best when the new tire is installed, allowing you to get the best performance and your full money’s worth out of the purchase.  Tip #3: Buy A Warranty When You Buy New Tires As you look to purchase a new set of tires for sale, you will be able to also buy a warranty that will insure the quality of the purchase. With one of these warranties, you will be able to make sure that you don’t have to come out of pocket for replacement tires in the event that your tire blows out or wears down during the timetable of the warranty. You may also be able to get free tire rotations and alignments included in the warranty, depending on the shop that you go with. Either way, always get a warranty on each and every tire purchase.  Follow these three tips so that you are able to buy the tires that you need....

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4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Tires

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Tires handle a great deal of wear and tear while in use and degrade over time. The condition of your tires directly influences the performance and responsiveness of your vehicle. Ensuring that your tires are in good working order is essential to maintaining your safety and performance while driving. Understanding the main signs to look for that suggest that you need to replace your tires can help you safeguard yourself and your vehicle. General Wear The most common sign that you need to replace your tires is simply general wear, in which the treads have become too shallow to properly grip the road while in use. This can be hard to see at first glance. suggests that you use a penny to measure the depth of the tread, putting the head side upside down. If you can still see the head, the tread is too worn to safely drive on and you should have your tires replaced. Alternatively, many tires have tread wear indicators built into them, which are flat bars that appear as the tread wears away. If you can see these bars (which run against the tread of the tire), it’s time to get a new set of tires. Bulging Any signs of small bulges or indentations on the surface or sidewall of the tire means that the rubber is wearing extremely thin and will soon wear through. These areas tend to have increased pressure on them, which means that at high speeds they can blow out and cause a flat, a serious safety issue. Replace your tires as soon as possible to mitigate the risk of this happening. Vibrations If you notice that your vehicle or steering column is vibrating while you are driving, especially at higher speeds, it may be because your tires are wearing too thin or unevenly. You should check your tires to see if the wear is the problem, and if so, replace them as needed.  If your tires are not the problem, there is another problem related to your steering, which you should consult a mechanic about and fix as soon as you can. Cracks Examine the surface of each tire, including the sidewalls, for any small cracks or punctures. These do not have to be large cracks to be serious – any sort of air leakage from your tire can rapidly expand or blow out while under pressure. Check any indentations or grooves as well, as these could be signs of damage. Any physical damage to any part of your tire will require that you change your tires out.  For more information, contact Dial-A-Tire Inc. or a similar...

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Art On Rims: 3 Wheel Upgrades To Add Color To Your Ride

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If you’ve always wanted to drive rainbow wheels, you’re living at the right time. Take off those boring factory tires and wheel covers, and put some color on the road with a combination of these 3 artistic upgrades: New-hued alloy wheels Strip your car’s wheels down and go for a brand new set of performance rims to provide a base of color. To get the maximum performance upgrade, order lightweight alloy wheels if you normally drive only on relatively smooth streets and highways. If you live where there are a lot of rough roads and potholes, steel rims are a sturdier choice. The alloy rims are offered in more widths, colors, and styles, but steel rims aren’t just fuddy-duddies either. There are gleaming chrome steel rims and stylish steel rims in carbon gray. Standard rims can be coated in any color of the rainbow using durable, roadworthy paints. You tire store may offer this service or will hook you up with an auto painting professional. Colored arch protectors Once you’ve got your base of color with new rims installed, protect the vital guts of the tire with arch protectors. Arch protectors look like giant rolls of bubblegum tape. These coiled discs are placed over the rim but under the wheel covers. Available in a spectrum of colors, the vibrant hues peek through the covers to give your tires a polished, solid look. Their alloy composition keeps debris and flying objects from damaging your rims. You can order arch protectors in the same color as your car for one effect. Order them in the same color as your rims and wheel covers for a different look. To get a rainbow effect, have rims, arch protectors and wheel covers in 3 different colors on each wheel. With 4 tires, that gives you 12 different color choices. Multiple choices in wheel covers Wheel covers come in minimalist styles, flashier styles, and pure bling material. Some are matte carbon black with colored accents while others are simple chrome stars that barely cover the lug nuts. Wheel covers are available in the primary colors of red, white and yellow, and can be custom-ordered in nearly any other shade. Special edition wheel covers are made available from time-to-time for specific models of vehicles. If you really want to go full Michelangelo, order some artsy colored tires to put on those new fancy wheels. Imagine pink rims, mint green arch protectors, pale yellow wheel covers, and baby blue tires. The possibilities are endless. Your local wheel balancing professionals are the best source of custom after-market wheel products and advice on the safest and most stylish upgrades for your vehicle. One company you might consider contacting for this service is Henry’s...

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Inspecting Used Tires For Safety: What To Look For When Buying Used Tires

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Used tires are not only more affordable, but they can also be far more convenient to purchase than brand new tires. This is especially true in cases when you only need to replace one of your existing tires. However, if you are not careful, you could find yourself dealing with some serious safety issues not long after putting a used tire on your car. This is because not all of the used tires you will find at local tire yards are safe for use. Thankfully, the tips outlined below can help you to find the very best used tires a local supplier (such as F & H Tire Co) has to offer and ultimately ensure that you drive away with a safe tire on your vehicle.   Tip #1: Check The Sidewall Of The Tire For Evidence Of Dry Rot Old tires can suffer from what is known as dry rot. When this happens, the tire will no longer be able to safely carry the weight of your vehicle and will give out much sooner than expected. In the event that the tire blows while driving, this could put your safety and the safety of other drivers at risk. While dry rot occurs from the inside out, it is possible to spot evidence of this problem by checking the sidewall of the tire. When a tire is suffering from dry rot, the sidewall will begin to crack and look dried out. While it is easiest to spot this type of damage on whitewalls, it is possible to detect the damage on any tire. Simply gently feel the sidewall with your hand in order to detect small cracks in darker tires which are able to better conceal the damage. Tip #2: Don’t Ignore Any Lumps Or Knots On The Outside Of The Tire If the rubber of the tire has begun to pull away from the sidewall or the interior cables, you will typically see a lump or bump in the rubber exterior of the tire. While these seemingly minor cosmetic problems may not raise a red flag due to their less than severe appearance, they can actually be a sign of a very serious safety problem within the tire. Therefore, you should always refuse to purchase any used tires that contain lumps, bumps, bubbles, or knots in the rubber of the tire. Tip #3: Don’t Just Check The Tread In One Place Most vehicle owners will know how to check a used tire for proper tread depth. The problem is, many vehicle owners will only check the tread in one location and simply assume that the tread on the rest of the tire is sufficient. There are many issues that can cause a tire to wear unevenly, the only way to ensure you are getting a used tire with sufficient and even tread all the way around is to take the time to check this tread in multiple locations. Be sure to check both along the length of the tire, as well as both the interior and exterior edge of the tire...

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Tire Maintenance: A Simple Guide To Prolong The Life Of Your Tires

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Your tires, especially good tires, are meant to last for about 25,000 to 50,000 miles. But, you can extend that by almost 50 percent. All you have to do is take care of your tires just a little more. The Importance Of Your Tires Hopefully, you have not experienced a tire blowout as you are driving. And, if you have, you understand how dangerous a blowout can be. Blowouts, skids, and loss of your vehicle control are associated with bad tires. And a recent study found that bad tires may contribute to automobile accidents. Simple Driving Tips To Preserve Your Tires Consider the following tire-wise tips: Remember that high speeds increase heat, which will deteriorate the tread of your tires. So, stay at the speed limit when you drive. Burning rubber, as cool as it may sound, will also deteriorate your tire treads. So, avoid speeding off. Gently press on your brakes. Abrupt stops will burn your tire treads due to the excess friction and your braking system pressing on the tire. Talk to your tire specialist to find out what your tire-load capacity is, or check your vehicle’s manual. Overloading adds pressure to your tires, making them lose tread. Avoid parking your vehicle too close to the curb, as you might end up pressing the sidewall of your tires on the curb. This will add too much pressure to your tires. Do Not Forget Tire Maintenance Ensure that your tire specialist performs the following regular maintenance. Perform a tire rotation as indicated by your owner’s manual. Tire rotation helps even out the wear on tires. This is important because the front tires receive most of the wear because they carry the turning pressure. And rotating your tires helps alleviate the front tires, which helps extend the life of all your tires together. Be sure that your tires are properly inflated. Check for tread wear. You want your tire tread deep and not bald. You can do this on your own. All those bumps on the road will misalign your tires at some point. This will cause unnecessary pressure on one side of your tires, which will cause uneven tread-wear. Look for cracks on the sidewall, which could mean that your tire is in danger of a blow out. Taking care of your tires doesn’t take special skill, just a little knowledge and the helpful advice of your tire specialist. Contact a local tire company, such as Action Al’s Tire...

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3 Bad Habits That Can Ruin Tires

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Tires are something that many car owners spend little time thinking about. And why should they? As long as their tires are in working order, many drivers feel that there is no need to spend time on maintaining them. However, tires are a big player in the safety of any car. Driving on poorly maintained tires can lead to accidents and can seriously damage a car. There are 3 bad habits in particular that can lead to tire failure and other car troubles. Not Checking The Air Pressure One of the biggest mistakes that many car owners make is not checking the air pressure in their tires on a regular basis. Low air pressure in tires can be very problematic. Underinflated tires can cause uneven tire wear and are more likely to be involved in tire related car crashes. Keeping tires inflated at the proper level is also important for fuel efficiency. Tires that are inflated to the proper pressure can improve gas mileage by up to 3.3%. Luckily checking tire pressure is very easy. Tire pressure gauges are available at most auto stores and are inexpensive. Drivers should consider checking tire pressure at least once every couple of weeks.     Skipping Tire Rotation Another bad habit that many car owners have that can ruin tires is skipping tire rotation. Rotating tires involves switching the tires from one part of the car to another. Usually this means moving the front tires to the back and the back tires to the front. The reason this is done is because tires in the front of the car wear differently than the tires in the rear. Rotating tires can help increase the lifespan of each tire. It is especially important to rotate tires after tire installation. The newer tires should be rotated with the older tires if only one or two have been replaced. Skipping Wheel Alignment Wheel alignments are something that many drivers skip regularly. A wheel alignment makes sure that the wheels on a car are perpendicular to the road. When getting a car serviced, it is easy to skip the extra cost of a wheel alignment but over time this can actually cost money. When a car is not in alignment, it can lead to extra wear and tear on the tires. Skipping alignments can actually lead to a need for tires to be replaced more often than they would otherwise need to be. Alignments are an important part of regular maintenance. Tires are an important, but often overlooked, part of any car. By checking air pressure regularly, getting tires rotated, and getting wheel alignments drivers can greatly extend the lifespan of their tires. Contact professionals, such as those from Lee Tire, for any further...

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Useful Steps When Renovating Your Older Car

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If you have an old car, you might get the itch to renovate it. This process can go smoothly when you take these steps: Purchase Parts at an Auto Salvage Yard If you are looking for affordable parts for your older car, the best place to get them is at an auto salvage yard. These parts are used, so they are not going to cost as much. You also have a lot of parts to choose from, whether you are looking to enhance your car’s engine, transmission or interior. In terms of the engine, you might consider investing in a cool air intake system. This system is designed to bring more cool air to your car’s engine, which gives your car more power and torque. Driving your car down the street is going to be more enjoyable. For an enhanced sound, consider getting a stainless steel muffler from the salvage yard. Not only do these mufflers give your car a bolder sound, but they are durable and will last for a long time. Rotate the Tires Instead of replacing the tires on your older, you can save money simply by getting them rotated at an auto repair shop (such as Meyer’s Tire Service Inc). Doing this lets your tires last longer because each tire wears down more evenly. First, professionals suspend your car on a lift system, which gives them easy access to your wheels. Each wheel is then removed and placed on a different position on your car. The process doesn’t take very long, and the professionals can test drive your vehicle to make sure the rotation process was completed correctly. Apply a Car Wax Older cars typically have paint that may have faded because of the sun and other elements. Fortunately, you can give your car a shine that you can be proud of again by applying a car wax all over the body. First, you need to clean and dry your car thoroughly. It’s best to use a microfiber towel when drying, as the synthetic fibers on this towel effectively soak up water. You can then dry quickly. Purchase a wax that comes in the form of a liquid, as this wax is easy to administer. You also need to rent out an orbital polisher. After applying liquid wax all over your car, use the orbital polisher to work in the wax. Wash the wax off and finish up by drying the water with the microfiber towel. Having an older car may seem like a negative, but this just gives you the opportunity to renovate it. You can make the renovation process go smoothly thanks to these...

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Shipping Tires: Three Material Handling Products That Make Your Job Easier

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Rubber tires and the wheel hubs they cling to have been as important to human transportation and commerce since the invention of the wheel itself. The only problem is that tires and wheels tend to be heavy, bulky and not easy to move. You know this already from working in a plant that produces these products. Unless you are Mr. Universe, you cannot pick up and move more than one or two tires at a time. To get them to move faster and in larger quantities, you need the following material handling products. Steel Shelving on Casters This particular product not only works well to store all of the tires and wheels your company produces, but also it doubles as a product transportation unit. You can send new products out to tire and wheel shops, and then they send used and spent tires and wheels back to you for recycling on the same rolling racks. Inside the plant, they are easy to wheel across the floor and into a warehouse or onto the loading docks to fulfill shipment orders. You can clearly see how much product is going out and take inventory as it sits on the shelving. Conveyor Belts Nothing speeds up production like a good old conveyor belt. Even though you already have this product in your plant, advancements in efficiency and work flow control may make you want to update what you have. Your employees can examine each tire and wheel as they go by for defects and pull them before they get to the end of the line. Rolling Dump Bins Regardless of what you use these for, they make short work of collecting large quantities of product and placing them where they are supposed to go. You can use them for faulty product removal, recycling old tires as they come in off the trucks, or for storing excess product when you do not have enough steel shelving on casters to sort, organize and store what comes off the line. Looking for More Sometimes these products are not quite what you need. When you are looking for more than just these three material handling products for your plant, manufacturers of industrial containers and plant aids will have something that fits with your needs and expectations. There are even a few manufacturers that will custom-make material handling products if you cannot find what you are looking for or if the products you were using are no longer on the market. For more information, contact a business such as House Of Wheels...

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